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Here at Best Plumbers, we like to be number 1. So we think we’ve come up with a first – a quiz about Rinnai electric hot water systems!

Why hot water systems? Because as far as daily life at home goes, you simply can’t go without a great, reliable and affordable one. And why Rinnai? Well, we have to admit to being a fan of a company whose red logo we see all over the place in Australia, for a very good reason. What’s that? As far as Rinnai hot water systems Gold Coast wide and beyond go, there’s almost no brand that combines affordability with quality and innovation like them.

So here it is – our Rinnai hot water systems review and quiz! The answers are at the bottom, but don’t cheat!

  1. You probably know that Rinnai logo well, because it’s one of the best selling brands in Australia with one of the best reputations. But what country is it from originally?
  2. How long have Rinnai hot water systems Gold Coast wide been on the Aussie market?
  3. Rinnai might originally be from Japan, but are any of their great hot water systems actually made here in Australia? *Bonus points if you can name how many other Rinnai plants are located elsewhere in the world.
  4. Apart from excellent gas, solar, continuous flow and electric hot water systems, what other products is Rinnai well known for making?
  5. You may have been able to buy a Rinnai electric hot water system here in Australia for 50 years, but when was the first Rinnai product sold in Japan?
  6. Which great brand launched the first continuous flow hot water systems in Australia?
  7. This question is multiple choice – how many Rinnai appliances are bought every single year? Is it: 400,000, 800,000, 5 million or 12 million units?
  8. And now another multiple choice: how many of Rinnai’s now famous continuous flow hot water systems have been sold in Australia alone? 5 million, 10 million, 30 million or 40 million?
  9. What colour is Rinnai’s well-known logo?
  10. What is the most energy-efficient gas hot water system on the market anywhere in Australia?

How did you go? Did you make Hidejiro-san proud? Even if your Rinnai knowledge is not quite up to speed, the important thing to know is that we know all about the best plumbers who can install a hot water system at your place – fast. We make it super simple for you to find the best plumbers in whatever area you’re in, so make sure to check us out.


  1. Japan
  2. 50 years
  3. Yes! In fact, there are three major Rinnai manufacturing facilities right here in Australia – in additional to the 40 Rinnai plants located elsewhere in Japan and the world.
  4. Rinnai is also a trusted and well-known maker of various heating and cooling systems.
  5. It was in 1918 when Hidejiro Naito became inspired by the flame he could see inside his modest cooking stove that he got the idea to create the brand.
  6. Rinnai … of course!
  7. 12 million – now that’s a lot of Rinnai!
  8. 30 million – not that’s an awful lot of Rinnai!
  9. Red.
  10. Rinnai’s 26 Enviro system, which was the first 26-litre hot water system to achieve a 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating. It produces about a sixth of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to a standard system.

rinnai hot water systems

rinnai hot water systems

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