Thermann Hot Water Systems Review

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Compared to some Australian and New Zealand manufacturers of hot water systems Thermann is a relative newcomer. But if you are looking for great performance and good quality at a reasonable price then you should take a closer look at Thermann hot water system reviews and see what customers are saying. They are currently one of the fastest-growing hot water system brands in Australia so here is a closer look at why.

Why Thermann hot water systems are proving popular

If your old heating system is struggling, perhaps it is not keeping up with your new needs, or it is getting to the point where repairs are not keeping it going anymore, you might be thinking about replacing it. There are some interesting advantages to having a more modern system. Energy-efficiency which can also save you money, parts are easier to get a hold of and more. With many options open to you for manufacturers of hot water systems, Thermann electric hot water, gas and solar systems are one of the better ones. They are proving to be innovative, efficient and continue to offer systems at fair and competitive prices on the market.

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1. Thermann hot water instant or continuous flow systems

These are water heater units that are also referred to as tankless since they do not store hot water in a tank but heat the water as you need. It is an energy-efficient system since it is not heating water when it is not needed, and you do not have issues of running out of water. With Thermann if you want such a unit you can get capacity starting at 16L and going up to 26L and their confidence in their systems is such that they offer a great 12-year warranty. That’s a great sign of how long these hot water systems last.

2. Advanced heat pump technology

They look like the tank traditional heating system but with some extra features. It works the same as a fridge but reverses it from a cooling system to a heating system. Rather than using a power source to handle the heating it takes the heat from the air and uses that to heat the water. It is very efficient especially if you get a Thermann as for every 1kWh of energy it draws in, you get 4 times that from the tap or showerhead. In fact, this system is almost three-quarters more energy efficient than the conventional tank system. Should you experience Thermann hot water system problems just call in professionals with experience in heat pump technology.

3. Tank hot water systems

Your traditional type of system commonly found in older homes, a system where there is a storage tank that stores the hot water, that is heated by either electricity or gas. If you feel a tank system is what you need a Thermann gas hot water tank, or electric tank could be a great option. From small tanks for small spaces at 25L to very large commercial type options at 400L. You get hot water anytime day or night and they come with a 10-year warranty.

4. Commercial systems

As mentioned Thermann also offers commercial-sized systems and when you read Thermann hot water system reviews for commercial properties they perform very well. As well as offering large tank systems they are the only manufacturer in Australia to offer a large 50L continuous condensation option.

5. Solar hot water units

Solar is the most efficient water heating system you can opt for, even above heat pump technology systems. Using panels that collect energy from the sun the unit heat your water. While the initial cost of a solar system is more, it earns it back in the energy savings made and the great thing about Thermann hot water solar systems is that they are advanced, reliable but still affordable. This is also the best warranty they offer with 15 years.


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