6 Upcoming 2024 Plumbing Industry Trends

Plumbing industry trends

Ever wonder what’s next for the pipes and taps in our lives? Well, let me tell you, the future looks exciting! As we glide towards 2024, the plumbing industry is bursting with new trends.
From greywater systems to smart toilets, let’s dive into the wave of innovations set to whirl through our homes and cities. And hey, let’s keep it light and breezy because who said plumbing talk had to be stiff, right?

Your friendly neighbourhood plumber is going tech

As Mr. Emergency rightly puts it, “With technological advancements, plumbing services have evolved significantly. Modern technology enables plumbers to identify problems accurately and efficiently, from leak detection tools to video pipe inspection.”

Professional plumbers are learning these next-gen trade tricks, enabling them to provide faster and more reliable service. Whether it’s finding a leak deep within your walls or determining the health of your sewer lines, pro plumbers are levelling up with tech.

Plumbing industry statistics: A quick dive into the numbers

Let’s see what the numbers are saying and have a peek into plumbing industry trends.

A growing plumbing industry

The plumbing business across the globe is enjoying a steady climb. Why? Increased urbanisation, infrastructure plans, and our growing awareness about water and energy conservation. These factors are fueling the plumbing industry.

By 2027, the market for plumbing fixtures & fittings is projected to hit a whopping $74.72 billion. Now that’s quite a playing field for those making, supplying, installing, and maintaining these essentials!

And if we look at it country-wise, for instance, in Australia, the market size is projected to increase over the next five years.

Plumbing services: The need of the hour

Who doesn’t rely on plumbers? As we lean more towards efficient water management systems and smart plumbing technology, the need for these handy folks is shooting up.

Just in the USA, there are about 105,000 plumbing and HVAC contractors. They’re generating a combined annual revenue of approximately $220 billion.

The booming plumbing business

Here’s some good news. Decent market conditions and the rising demand for services mean the plumbing business is thriving. In the USA, smaller businesses are carrying the torch.

In fact, they employ 76.3% potential workers in the sector. This fact underscores the key role independent contractors and local plumbing businesses have in keeping the taps running.

Plumbing fixtures: The next big thing

Eco-friendly, smart – these are the buzzwords catching the attention of customers these days. The result? A growing demand for advanced plumbing fixtures.

Smart taps, low-flow showers, and tankless hot water systems are claiming a large market share. A recent study predicts that the global smart toilet market alone is about to reach nearly USD 6,576.46 Million by 2018. And with a CAGR of around 12.32% between 2021 and 2028, the future looks promising!

Hitting the smart button on toilets and tech

Let’s explore the revolutionary intersection of cutting-edge technology and bathroom functionality, as we hit the smart button on toilets and tech.

The rise of the smart bathroom market

Smart technology isn’t just for your phone anymore. It’s making a splash in the bathroom too!

  • Smart toilets: We’re not talking just about a fancy flush here. We mean toilets that can clean themselves, save water, and even check out your health! The smart toilet market is on a roll, attracting those of us looking to give our bathrooms a high-tech makeover.
  • Smart water heaters: Move over, traditional water heaters. It’s the era of tankless and smart water heaters – sleek, efficient, and oh-so-kind to your energy bills.
  • Smart plumbing fixtures: Imagine taps that can monitor water usage and alert you if there’s a pesky water leak. These smart guys help keep your water waste to a minimum.
Oxygenics and water conservation

Smart isn’t just about gadgets – it’s about being resourceful.

  • Leak Detectors: Little digital heroes, these gadgets alert you way before a drip becomes a deluge, helping save water and your home from water damage.
  • Low-flow fixtures: They may sound simple, but these neat devices can make a big difference in your water flow, conserving precious H2O with every use.

Greywater recycling systems: Not so grey anymore

Ever think about what happens to the water after your shower or laundry? Let’s not let it go to waste.

  • Household reuse: Greywater systems are turning the water from your bath or washing machines into irrigation for your garden. No more water down the drain!
  • Community systems: Bigger greywater systems can help entire communities save gallons by recycling water for various non-drinking purposes.

Amping up the energy efficiency factor

When it comes to saving energy, plumbing is at the forefront.

Solar hot water systems: Here comes the sun
  • Eco-friendly: These heaters use sunlight to warm your water, which means more green in your wallet and less carbon footprint.
  • Long-term savings: The upfront cost may be more, but solar water heaters can save you money over time by cutting your energy use.
Tankless water heaters: Space savers that deliver

Smaller and more efficient – that’s the mantra for modern hot water system design.

  • Instant heat: They provide hot water on demand, and you won’t face the cold shock of running out.
  • Energy conservation: By heating only as much water as you need, energy consumption takes a big dip.

Reinventing customer service: It’s all in the details

In this digital age, plumbing businesses are stepping up their customer service game with a personal touch.

  • Smart software: Helps keep track of client needs, so every experience feels special.
  • Online presence: Great service also means great online reviews, and that’s where good service gets noticed.

Skill shortfall: Time for a new generation of plumbing Pros

The plumbing sector is hunting for fresh talent. Why? To keep up with all this new tech, of course!

  • Training programs: We need more programs to bridge the skilled labour shortage. It’s a great time to become a plumbing pro!
  • Smart systems need smarter hands: With all these digital tools, the new-age plumber needs to be part technician, part water whisperer.

Proactive plumbing: Smarter maintenance right now

Plumbing is not all about fixes—it’s also about being one step ahead of the problem.

  • Predictive maintenance: With smart tech’s help, plumbing professionals can predict problems before they happen.
  • Continual check-ups: Regular monitoring keeps the plumber away—or, at least, the emergency plumber.

Paving the way to a tech-driven plumbing future

Get set because the plumbing industry’s future is bustling with potential. Imagine this – cosy smart toilets and sun-powered water heaters. Sounds like a far-fetched dream, right? Well, not anymore!

Homeowners, why not get a plumbing inspection where the best plumbers can provide you with the best solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your plumbing system is efficient, sustainable, and up-to-date. For all the plumber businesses, contractors, and pros out there, staying in sync with these trends is key to progress. So, hold your wrenches tight as we gear up for an innovation-fueled journey through 2024 and beyond!

Whether you’re a plumbing business owner, a skilful contractor, or just intrigued by the next wave of home improvements and urban innovations, these upcoming trends should top your checklist. Here’s a toast to a smarter, greener, and more efficient future that awaits our plumbing industry and our world!