Rheem Hot Water System Reviews & Troubleshooting

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Ready to get a jingle stuck in your head? “Install a Rheem … install a Rheem…” It’s one of the most memorable ads in Australian history, but this company is famous for much more than that. In fact, when you think about the hottest of steaming hot showers, it’s probably the brand that comes to mind most easily. And that’s not because of a jingle – it’s because of the brand’s stellar reputation.

In this Rheem hot water system review, we’re going to dig a little deeper into the brand with a 300kph red and white logo and the coolest of cool jingles. The jingle may remind you of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but Rheem has been on the Aussie market since 1939 – and that’s what we call standing the test of time!

So what’s so great about Rheem Hot Water?

Slash your bill with gas: Need steaming hot water instantly? With the help of LPG or natural gas, all you need to do is pick a storage tank size suitable your family, turn on the tap and enjoy 5-star energy efficiency.

Choose ever-versatile electric: Thanks to no-frills technology that is fit for the 21st century, everything in the huge range of Rheem electric systems is accessible on any budget.

Enjoy instant heat every time: Taking up a miniscule amount of space, Rheem’s innovative continuous flow technology only heats up the water you want – for 6-star energy efficiency.

21st-century heat pumps & solar: Explore exciting and ‘green’ next-generation Rheem technology, like heat pumps that capture the heat that is already in the air, and solar to truly drive down your carbon footprint.

Are you ready to ‘Install a Rheem’? You can be sure Rheem hot water will always come on ‘steady, hot and strong’, but perhaps it will be some seriously cool facts about this originally California-founded company that impresses you the most.

5 cool facts about Rheem’s hot water

1. An Aussie first

When brothers Richard and Donald Rheem were looking to expand overseas, they showed they have superb taste by choosing Australia. However, they didn’t get into the hot water business in 1936 – first, they made steel shipping containers and drums.

2. BHP steel

It was three years later, in 1939, when the first Rheem hot water system was manufactured in the inner Sydney suburb of Waterloo. The product was immediately impressive, prompting BHP to offer to buy 50% of the company. In turn, every Rheem unit was then made of Aussie steel.

3. South Aussie beer?

In 1888, a few South Australian breweries merged to create the South Australian Brewing Company – otherwise known as Southcorp. Exactly 100 years later, Southcorp bought Rheem. Rheem, in turn, became Southcorp Water Heaters. Southcorp got out of the water heater business in 2002 to focus exclusively on wine rather than hot water.

4. Rheem loves plumbers

Rheem and Australia’s Best Plumbers really do go hand-in-hand. Every year, Rheem gives out a range of $3,000 grants to help deserving apprentice plumbers from all over the country with their fledgling careers. The plumber-friendly scheme is now in its eighth year, costing Rheem an admirable $240,000 so far.

5. Logo at 300kph?

Do you have the feeling you’ve seen that Rheem logo at 300kph? You’d be right because, for the last few years now, the hot water manufacturer has sponsored the top Supercars team Shell V-Power Racing. “We’ve had an incredible level of success since we first joined the team in 2017,” said Rheem chief Chris Taylor.

Rheem hot water system troubleshooting

Hot water problems are something we all experience at some stage. Diagnosing and fixing the issue something you need done quickly to avoid a cold shower! If you have a fault code or want to relight a pilot light Rheem’s online troubleshooting guide can help. We also have guides for low hot water pressure or leaking hot water systems.

Rheem Alternatives

Although Rheem is one of the most popular hot water system brands there are a few close competitors. They include Dux, Rinnai, Thermann, Bosch and Aquamax.

We get it, we get it – you’re now itching to get a Rheem installed at your place, aren’t you? Finding a great plumber to install your hot water system is easy if you use Best Plumbers, the innovative plumbing network that connects you with the best local plumbers as instantly as turning on a hot tap. Get in touch today to search the very best plumbers or list your own plumbing company today.