How to Find the Best Plumbers Near You … Guaranteed!

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No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how much money you make, there is a great leveller – the need from time-to-time to find the best plumbers near you.

And it’s not just about toilets flushing and hot water coming out of our taps. Efficient plumbing keeps homes, families and communities safe and hygienic. Industry innovations boost efficiency and help the environment, and smooth-operating plumbing makes our lives more comfortable at home, and makes driving profits easier for small business.

In short, plumbing is no mere afterthought.

Not all plumbers are created equal

But in Australia alone, there are 27,000 plumbing businesses, with over 65,000 people working in the industry in total – and not all of them are up to the job. In fact, some of them are downright dodgy.

For instance, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) found that in 2017, four out of every ten hot water system installations were not up to mandatory standards. It was found that an incredible 40% of all hot water systems were being installed with defects as serious as missing tempering valves, insufficient pressure relief valves, no safe trays and poorly-supported bases.

We consulted with an industry expert who told us that poorly installed hot water systems can cause flooding, deliver contaminated water to your home, or even explode.

The QBCC describes the alarming 40% statistic as a “major concern”, and in response began to ask local governments to help to address the problem.

An online club for only the best plumbers near you

An online service called Best Plumbers Club is also now playing a major role in the sweep to ensure only great local plumbers who deserve to survive and thrive are connected with the hard-working public.

Put simply, the service exists to help consumers find the safest, most trustworthy, and overall best plumbers in their local area. As it states on the website, finding a plumber good enough to be trusted with your home and family involves checking their local credentials, double-checking their licensing, and then triple-checking online reviews to ensure people are recommending them.

But even if you do have time to read the reviews yourself, the top business magazine Forbes says you should not automatically trust them. The CEO of Fakespot, a service whose mission is to ferret out fake reviews, says businesses are “constantly” not only faking positive reviews, but blasting their competitors with negative ones.

Weeding out the fake reviews from the real ones is, therefore, a mammoth and complex task.

“But who has time for that?” Best Plumbers asks on its website. “‘I need the best plumbers near me now!’ Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you.”

The importance of real reviews

The combination of dodgy businesses and even dodgier online reviews means that the proliferation of recommendation services and websites is in overdrive all over the web. Why? Because they’re changing the way we shop – for the better.

Before these types of recommendation services started to get noticed, finding a service provider was like playing darts in a blindfold. But now, these services are skilfully helping local consumers make educated, informed, safe and smart decisions about how they spend their money to improve their lives. You might even say that these sorts of recommendation services are the great new moral additions to the big, bad, world wide web.

So in this world of dodgy hot water installations, Best Plumbers is the go-to service for people struggling to trust the search results when they search in the hope of ‘finding the most trustworthy plumbers nearby’.

A rigorous standard for joining the Best Plumbers Club

Every local plumber in the Best Plumbers Club is not just verified on the basis of an approval process for quality workmanship, excellent service and licensing. They are also hand-picked for their verified recommendations and their real, positive online reviews.

Not just that, the Best Plumbers Club guarantees that every eligible Australian-owned local plumber offers a range of peace-of-mind protections, including up-front pricing, compliance certification, and workmanship guarantees.

But perhaps the best part is the way Best Plumbers goes about verifying those online reviews. Google Maps has a service called Local Guides, and the idea is that actual people gain points as they feed in information based on real feedback and personal experience. And every plumber in the Best Plumbers Club has been verified by at least a level 5 Local Guide, having gained 500 or more points.

Good not just for consumers, but for great plumbers too

For the local resident or business owner, the process of using Best Plumbers is as simple as typing in your details and sitting back for a leisurely coffee until the best and most trustworthy plumber near you calls to book a time. It really is that simple. Users of Best Plumbers often report not only that they found the best plumber near them, but that the entire plumbing job was done fast and done well – all with a workmanship guarantee.

And the success of the plumber verification process is not just great news for the consumer – great plumbers are also incentivised to get in on one of the smartest plumber marketing investments they can possibly make. One Gold Coast plumbing business went from being a one-man-band to turning over more than $1 million a year with 4 vans and multiple plumbers on the road. How? With hundreds of monthly leads at a price five times cheaper than Google Ads – and all adding up to an 8,000% (yes, 8,000%) increase in organic traffic.

To join the success story, a plumber needs to prove beyond a doubt that they are actually among the Best Plumbers in their local areas – but the result is a win for absolutely everyone. So if you’re sick of Googling ‘best plumbers near me’ when your plumbing goes bung and getting second-rate outcomes, or you really are one of the best plumbers looking for a service custom-designed for success, get in touch with the Best Plumbers Club.