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Are you noticing water laying around in your yard where it should not be? Have you traced the problem to your stormwater drains and noticed that they’re backed up and overflowing?

First of all, understand that a blocked stormwater drain is as common as a blocked sink. But it’s also very important to understand that unblocking stormwater drains is definitely something you need to take care of right away.

Why you need to unblock your stormwater drain today

Obviously, nobody likes to wade around in their backyard or especially their house ankle-deep in stormwater. But even if this is not happening, a single blocked stormwater drain can cause an awful lot more problems than just that.

Blocked stormwater drains may also:

  • Damage your roof cavity due to overloaded or blocked gutters
  • Damage your gutters
  • Damage your ceilings, walls and belongings
  • Damage your home’s foundations, gardens and landscaping
  • Lead to the growth of unsightly and unhealthy mould and mildew.

And those are still not the only problems that could wait if you don’t arrange for a professional to go about unblocking stormwater drains at your place! A myriad of damage, and a range of health and safety consequences, could affect your home, family, community and even the water services if you decide to ignore rather than address your compromised stormwater drains.


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Clearing a blocked stormwater drain can take more know how and equipment than unblocking a sink drain. How’s that? Because stormwater handles more volume of water and runs underground, only a CCTV drain inspection can truly assess why the drain is blocked and provide the best solution to fix it. You need the best blocked drain plumbers to get it flowing again fast and efficiently.

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What caused my blocked stormwater drains?

viokent storm in AustraliaMany residents or small business operators just like you notice problems with their stormwater drains after a big storm or a heavy shower or two of rain. However, bear in mind that your stormwater infrastructure is carefully designed to handle even a large amount of unexpected water, so if you notice yours is blocked it may have been caused by:

  • Debris including leaves, stones, mulch and other debris
  • Poorly maintained or damaged gutters, roofs, gutters, downpipes and drains
  • Tree roots
  • Incorrect installation or wear & tear
  • Overhanging tree branches that can break off during a storm
  • Loose soil and other waste that can get washed into the stormwater system.

But there are a number of other reasons why you may need to arrange for a professional to unblock stormwater infrastructure at your home or premises. Keep an eye out for:

  • Water that is collecting or pooling around your property or yard
  • Gutters or downpipes struggling to cope with the influx of stormwater
  • Stormwater drains that are not clearing water in a timely manner
  • Gurgling sounds or bad smells from your stormwater drains.
  • Strange sounds from other drains including showers, toilets and sinks.

Is there anything you can do to keep stormwater drains clear?

Do you always:

  • Check your drains and stormwater infrastructure for debris?
  • Minimise blockages by flushing them out with a nose?
  • Use gutter filters or guards?
  • Prune or remove trees overhanging your house
  • Get a plumber to do an annual stormwater drain check-up?

If you’ve already got a stormwater drain blockage and you need it fixed today, you’re going to need to find the best plumbers in the business who have seen every issue and know every remedy! Luckily, Best Plumbers is the easy way to find the real local experts in unblocking stormwater drains.