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While the prudent homeowner will often contemplate the devastation that can be brought by termites, a damaged overhanging tree or a break-in, even more damage can be done by a burst water pipe.

Even a minor leak can cause:

  • Mould & decay
  • Big bills & big damage
  • Health & safety hazards
  • Electrical faults

But did you know water leaks can even compromise your home’s very foundations? In short, it doesn’t really matter what’s leaking or how much it’s leaking – you need to get it fixed, and fast. Without swiftly fixing a burst pipe, or finding and addressing every single leak under your roof, you’re in for a big mess, big damage, big bills – and a big headache.

Luckily, we can help you find the best plumbers in your local area with the best reputations, best reviews, and best recommendations. When it comes to a burst water pipe, and every other type of water leak in and around your property and family, you’re in great hands.


What’s leaking at your place?

From your taps to your sinks to your pipes, drains, toilets, hot water systems, gutters and everything else you can see and not see, only ever trust the best plumbers to quickly identify and remedy every leak at your place.

Best Plumbers Club will find expert help for your:

Leaking taps: Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or even in the front and rear yard, every tap should shut off completely without having to over-tighten it – and every great plumber should be ready with a fast leaking tap fix or replacement.

Burst pipe repairs: In most cases, a burst pipe is nothing short of a plumbing emergency that can bring devastating damage in a matter of minutes. The best plumbers will have experienced tradespeople on call 24/7/365.

Water leak detection: Because not every leak can be easily identified, the best plumbers utilise industry-leading techniques in non-invasive leak detection thanks to the best skills, knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

Leaking showers: Whether it’s a leaking shower, sink, toilet, hot water system, gutters or downpipes, and everything else under (and in) your roof and walls, the best fully-licensed local plumbers will offer up-front pricing and a lifetime workmanship guarantee – so expect nothing less!

Ready to do a quick water leak check?

Did you know you can quickly and easily get a good idea of whether something’s leaking at your place? Simply turn off every tap inside your home or premises, go out and find your water meter, and check to see if the dials or numbers are moving. If nothing inside your home is using any water, that’s a very good sign that you have an undetected water leak.

The next step is to look around your property for any signs of a water leak – especially in those areas where water is connected. Watch out for:

  • Dampness
  • Musky smells
  • Lush lawn patches
  • Wall cracks
  • Sound of running & hissing water

Finally, if your usual water bill is more than about $20 a month higher, that’s more than enough of a discrepancy to account for a water leak that could silently be doing a lot of damage behind the scenes.

Fixing a burst pipe is easy with Best Plumbers

If you’ve got a sneaking feeling that a burst water pipe or other leaks may be occurring, don’t hesitate for a second longer – because the damage may be huge and the situation could even become dangerous. Don’t forget, water leaks don’t just damage your home and your hip pocket – they can even endanger your family.

So don’t put off a water leak or burst pipe repair for another moment – and instead let Best Plumbers Club connect you with your local water leak experts! Every leak is no joke, so why would you trust a plumber who doesn’t have the right credentials, insurance and the most positive reviews? Here at Best Plumbers, we’ve done the hard work so that all you need to do is send us a message – and we’ll send a great plumber your way today!