plumbing inspection


Does your local plumber offer a 100% free plumbing inspection with their professional services? It’s certainly something to look out for as you separate the Best Plumbers from the rest.

At both home and work, the importance of your extensive network of plumbing pipes, drains, related infrastructure, fixtures and fittings is massively understated. Good plumbing is not only convenient, it:

  • Protects our health
  • Efficiently and safely remove harmful waste
  • Safeguards our assets & buildings from devastating damage.

Unfortunately, many small, hidden or even significant and even potentially catastrophic plumbing problems can be difficult for the layperson to detect. Whether it’s your existing home or premises or you’re considering a pre-purchase plumbing inspection for peace of mind, only a fully licensed and highly experienced plumbing professional can identify the problems you can’t, including:

  • Gas or water leaks
  • Faulty materials
  • Dozens of other current or potential plumbing issues.

Only the Best Plumbers near you have the eagle eyes, the hands-on experience in your local area, the community knowledge, and all the most expensive and specialised plumbing equipment & tools to carry out a thorough home or commercial plumbing inspection at your place.

Get A FREE plumbing inspection with any paid work!


What will your commercial & home plumbing inspection involve?

From the drains to your floors, walls, ceilings, pipes, sewage systems and much more, a plumbing inspection is the best and only way to get a green tick of approval for true peace of mind. Your plumbing inspection will involve:

The water supply system: Not much plumbing happens without water, and from the supply metre to the darkest and most hidden corners of your pipe network to your hot water system and all connections, a lot can go wrong. A tiny, unchecked water leak can threaten the very structural integrity of your entire foundations, and yet an alarming percentage of ageing service lines are dirty, corroded and damaged.

Every nook and cranny: The Best Plumbers understand that while your plumbing system is a holistic network, from your perspective it’s divided into every nook and cranny of every room – and beyond. That means it’s not just about checking the kitchen plumbing, the bathrooms and beyond, but all piping outlets, all pressure valves, all fixture connections, all fittings, and even those hidden and underground joints that can only be seen by the most sophisticated of equipment.

Drainage systems & more: It’s no triviality to point out that while your water supply & waste/sewage systems are part of your plumbing network, it’s critical that they must be kept strictly separate to prevent contamination, damage and devastating health outcomes. Similarly, your roof plumbing and stormwater drainage solutions are the key to getting millions of litres of rain and waste away from your critical structures and property, and it should all be part of a thorough plumbing inspection.

How much does a plumbing inspection cost?

The typical plumbing inspection in Australia can cost somewhere between a few hundred dollars up to a low four-digit amount – but the Best Plumbers may just offer it as a fully-free service. That is particularly the case when bundled or offered as an incentive with other plumbing work, which is a hallmark of the most reputable and trustworthy plumbers in a cluttered local market.

Some free plumbing inspection services may be limited to only certain thorough checks, such as:

  • Improvements to operational or safety-related efficiency
  • Inspection of major services including taps, toilets & showers
  • Hot water system performance & valve health
  • Pipes, drains & outdoor plumbing.

How can you get a free plumbing inspection? It can be as easy as putting your faith in Best Plumbers Club – the pre-eminent local network of only hand-picked, highly recommended and verified/independently reviewed local plumbers near you. As well as offering key incentives like free plumbing inspections, we only list the Best Plumbers who can truly prove they offer:

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Ready for your free plumbing inspection?

Better still, the process of searching out the Best Plumbers who offer a free home & commercial plumbing inspection couldn’t possibly be easier – as it’s just a matter of calling us on 1300 930 880 or filling out the quick and easy online form. From Adelaide to Brisbane and everywhere in between, Get started right now by getting in touch with Best Plumbers Club.