Our Thermann Hot Water System Troubleshooting Guide

Thermann hot water system troubleshooting

Did you go for a Thermann last time you were in the market for a new hot water system? Gas, electric, solar, heat pumps – you name it, this 100% Aussie company that is just ten years old does it. Thermann is going toe-to-toe with the Australian market’s big hitters like Rheem, Rinnai, Dux and Bosch, and is currently the fastest-growing hot water brand not only here but in New Zealand too. But even high-quality systems made of industry-leading materials and components and some of the hot water industry’s brightest minds sometimes go wrong – which is why you’re looking for the easiest Thermann hot water system troubleshooting guide out there.

And here at Best Plumbers Club, the scores of fully-licensed plumbers and hot water installation specialists who love a Thermann just as much as you do would be all too happy to help. So without further ado, here is our exclusive Thermann HWS troubleshooting guide so you can get back under that steaming stream of hot water as soon and as cheaply as possible!

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Did you know Thermann’s Electric Storage range – with tank sizes ranging from 80 to a whopping 400 litres – is still the brand’s top seller? The 6-Star continuous flow units are also extraordinarily popular, but you may also have a Thermann:

What’s gone wrong with your Thermann?

That’s a lot of types, but even more specific variants, models and sizes (we even made an extensive review of the product). And when something goes wrong, Thermann recommends you make a call to their customer service line or get the best plumber near you to check out the problem. Before doing that, however, we’ve scoured the best minds in the Australian plumbing market – and all of the relevant product manuals – to compile the easiest all-in-one Thermann troubleshooting guide you’ll find anywhere on the internet. So here goes:

1. No hot water at all?

If it’s a gas hot water unit, make sure the pilot is lit and the gas burner is operating. To light it back up, remove the access cover, turn the control knob to ‘pilot’, and press and hold it for 30 seconds while repeatedly pressing the igniter button.

2. What about for electric systems?

Very common among electric hot water systems, power issues will cause the circuit breaker to trip – so give that a look.

3. Valves leaking water?

If you notice the pressure or temperature relief valves leaking water, don’t worry – they’re designed to do that. But if the water trickle is constant, a build-up of foreign matter has probably caused it. Often, it’s possible to clear the issue by lifting the valve lever gently and then releasing it just as gently.

If the problem doesn’t resolve, or your hot water system is leaking from elsewhere, turn off the heater and make a service call.

4. Seeing an error code?

A big benefit of the 6 star continuous flow Thermann systems is the remote controller, which self-diagnoses problems and displays a helpful fault code.

Code 111 could indicate something as simple as a depleted gas bottle, while codes 740, 750 and 760 can also indicate minor problems that simply powering down and powering back up again can easily resolve.

For most other codes, though, you’ll have to make that call.

5. What else could have gone wrong?

Before making that service call or requesting a quote from a Best Plumbers Club plumber, check that:

  • The air intake isn’t blocked
  • The cylinder is completely full of water
  • For a heat pump, wait 20 minutes for the compressor lockout time
  • The system could be in ‘defrost mode’.

Need to go beyond Thermann troubleshooting?

Did our exclusive Thermann hot water system troubleshooting guide give you the answer you were needing? If not, there’s still no need to stress – because a fully-licensed and top-rated hot water specialist in Best Plumbers Club’s unique and expansive network of plumbers near you is only around the corner ready to service Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and anywhere in Australia and beyond. All of our hand-vetted experts, tradies and businesses offer 5-Star features like lifetime workmanship guarantees and upfront pricing, and getting swift service for your Thermann is as easy as filling in your details at Best Plumbers Club and hitting ‘Get a quote’. Get started today!

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