Dux Hot Water Systems Review

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Dux is an Australian manufacturer of hot water systems, based in New South Wales and are really a household name here. The Dux electric hot water and gas hot water systems are known for being of high quality, and the company is known for being innovative within its state-of-the-art facility. If you are looking for good options in energy-efficient systems that have a long lifespan and are dependable, then Dux hot water could be your answer.

A closer look at Dux

If you are looking for a manufacturer with real experience, Dux has been making water heating systems since 1915 in Australia. That gives them more than 100 years of experience and is indicative of stability and reliability. By keeping their manufacturing within the country it means they have absolute control over the quality of everything. It also means using research and considering Dux hot water system reviews they have a far better understanding of what the Australian consumer wants in a hot water system.

The company remains focused on designing and making high-quality Dux hot water heaters that are cost-efficient and reliable. Over its many years, it has been at the front in innovation and research and has patented technologies in its solar hot water systems. These are a great option for those wanting to have less of an environmental impact while also saving money.

Types of Dux hot water systems

Your trusted local plumbing network will give you a rundown on the types of hot water units available from this hot water brand to give you the best choice for you and your family needs.

Dux Electric Hot Water

Ranging from a capacity of 25L to as much as 400L, Dux electric hot water systems offer tank systems that can suit all kinds of spaces and families and homes. Tanks come in a range of sizes so that a type can be found to suit various installment needs, for example, the smallest can fit under a sink, or there is a slim option at 125L if floor space is scarce. All tanks that are larger than 80L come with a great ten-year warranty.

Dux Gas Hot Water

Dux gas hot water Prodigy systems come in three options for energy-efficient with three, four and five-star models. You get a respectable seven-year warranty on the three and 4-star models and then 10 years on the 5-star tank. The latter is more energy efficient because of its patented design for a flue damper that lowers how much heat is lost. There are also two products that offer continuous flow hot water with energy-efficient at six stars. They do not require tanks and because they are not wasting energy by heating and storing water, only heating it when it is in demand, this makes gas hot water systems a more energy-efficient option.


Another interesting option with Dux hot water systems is the range of solar water heaters, a much more eco-friendly option than electric or gas. You can have tanks in three sizes, the biggest at 400L, then there is the 315L tank and the 250L tank. You can choose to have an electric or gas booster with any of them so if your demand exceeds what the solar can supply it switches to gas or electric. For any who want something more eco-friendly but do not have the space for solar panels, there is Dux’s Airoheat heat pump system. Using cutting edge design it takes heat from the air around the tank and moves to the water tank to heat the water there. It is 250L and has a warranty of 5 years.

Using skilled and trained Dux hot water plumbers

If you are interested in Dux hot water systems you should take a closer look at more Dux hot water system reviews and start to narrow down which system is best for your hot water needs and for your efforts in becoming more energy-efficient. When you have your new system installed be sure to choose experts in hot water systems with good experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of these systems. Knowing which is best for your space and your needs is something you can discuss with your specialists so you can trust that you invest in the right system. Finding specialists you can trust is important. They are the people you can call on not just for replacing your system but to look after it too so it keeps working at peak efficiency