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The kitchen sink may not be your favourite feature of your home, but it is one of the most important. Sinks in your kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere are used every single day – which means a blockage can seriously disturb the smooth operation of your home. And a blocked sink can also cause bad smells, a big mess, and the potential for even bigger bills.

And having said all that, a blocked kitchen sink is, unfortunately, something that will happen in just about every home in Australia. But who do you trust to take care of your home like it was their own?

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What’s all the fuss about sink blockage?

A blocked bathroom sink or kitchen sink is caused by:

  • Foreign objects
  • Accumulation of hair, food scraps, grease and other gunk
  • Heavy rain or storms
  • Damaged, corroding or badly installed plumbing.

When you pull out the plug, a blocked kitchen sink or blocked bathroom sink means the water doesn’t go down efficiently – or at all. A sink that is blocked may also:

  • Produce bad smells
  • Cause a mess or damage
  • Lead to flooding
  • Breed mould, bacteria and other health & safety hazards.

Are there any other signs and symptoms of a blocked kitchen sink?

If it’s blocked and a messy puddle is already on the floor, you know you have a problem. But there are other signs of a troublesome kitchen sink, including:

Drain smell

Your bathroom and kitchen sink work very hard, and if a blockage is brewing, that typical and foul ‘biofilm’ drain smell is a sure sign that something is up.

Slow draining

Before it becomes completely blocked, all that muck effectively reduces the circumference of the drain and slows the progress of the draining water. Eventually, it will block completely.

Gurgling noise

When you hear your drains gurgling, it’s the sound of air that is trapped around an obstruction as the water tries to go down.

If you notice any of these things, don’t ignore them! Partial blockages almost certainly become a sink issue before long, or they are the symptom of a bigger problem.

Best Plumbers Club – providing the blocked sink masters

A blocked bathroom sink is just as big a headache as a blocked kitchen sink. How’s that? Because whether it’s a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, or any other kind of sink at your place, its job is to stay clear and fully functioning so that it can do its important job for your home’s plumbing system and your day-to-day life.

Are you worried that a small problem with your sink might turn into a nightmare? Is your sink gurgling, slow to drain or already blocked? You need the best blocked drain plumbers to get it back up and running fast.

Simply call or send us a message for help with:

How to get your sink working again

There are some DIY tricks for unblocking a drain. Have you tried your plunger, some boiling hot water, some special drain cleaners or a drain snake? If so, you’ve either got a stubborn blockage or a more serious problem somewhere in your plumbing system.

And whichever is true, you’re going to need the help of a Best Plumbers Club member – they are the blocked sink drain plumbing experts in Australia.

Here at the Best Plumbers Club, we’re passionate about helping you avoid plumbing nightmares! A simple block in the sink can either indicate or become a much bigger plumbing problem that can smell bad, damage your home, floors and possessions, pose health and safety risks, and rack up hefty damage or repair bills.

Don’t ignore it or try a DIY repair job that could be damaging or illegal. Instead, contact us and we’ll have the trusted professional save you the hassle, one sink at a time.