Your Ultimate Guide To Bosch Hot Water Systems

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With over 100 years of delivering solutions for hot water in homes and businesses, Bosch certainly has the experience and has established itself as a trusted manufacturer option. Exploring Bosch hot water system it is clear that they offer a good range of system types and customers enjoy the versatility they find and their longevity. The more popular systems being their heat pump units, electric tank units and continuous flow gas units. Bosch electric hot water storage models come in a range of sizes, heat pumps and continuous flow units are innovative and industry-leading. They cut back on your long-term water heating costs, maximising efficiency and helping you be more environmentally friendly. Nowadays energy efficiency is a keyword in hot water systems that more people should focus on.

Our local plumbing network provides you with a rundown of Bosch hot water types and models you could choose from.

Bosch condensing models

The Bosch hot water condensing models are all 6 stars or more in efficiency but you do have to pay for that efficiency in the cost of the models. The energy star rating runs from 0 to 10 with 10 being the most efficient. Average star ratings for general systems feel they are doing good at 4 or 5. So six or more is definitely trying to lead the pack when it comes to energy savings with hot water systems. Customers can save at least 12% on their water heating and the systems come with various features and accessories. Those initial costs are saved long-term with your bill savings plus you are certainly doing your bit to more green.

Bosch OptiFlow range

The latest and most innovative line for continuous flow hot water systems is Bosch’s OptiFlow range. It is the first Australian tankless system that adapts to ensure efficiency is its best at all times in all conditions. All of the Optiflow Bosch hot water systems are again 6 stars in efficiency as each model also comes with solar compatibility. There are additional options for management and accessories and you can even enjoy Bluetooth connectivity with the Premium model!

Bosch Electric Storage systems

Bosch has electric tank or storage systems for all types of homes as they come in a range of dimensions and sizes from 80L to 400L and slimline types for spaces that are smaller. Its Tronic range is good for a single person in a small home up to much larger families and properties. Covered in vitreous enamel it is durable too making rural and town settings both applicable. The cylinder has a 7-year warranty so any Bosch hot water system problems with it in the first seven years are covered.

Bosch mechanical systems

The mechanical hot water range has three models, Pilot Ignition, Internal Compact and Hydropower. The first is the cheapest, good for the minimum of needs. The next has a better star rating and more capabilities and costs a little more. Then the Hydropower actually in between the two other models in price and rather than relying on outside power sources to heat the water, it creates its own.

Bosch commercial systems

Bosch hot water commercial systems are designed to meet the much higher demands a business places on its hot water system. They have heavy-duty storage systems and continuous flow systems, with Bosch gas hot water systems and electric. As well as being great for commercial properties they are also something a household with more than three bathrooms might consider if there is a large family with heavy hot water demand.


Bosch has been providing reliable and innovative hot water systems to homes and commercial properties for many years and as well as being a popular manufacturer in Australia are also a well-known international brand. There is a minimum of a 2-year warranty on all the models for both labour and parts in case of Bosch hot water system problems and Bosch is known for offering great customer service. With great focus on efficiency and on advancing technology customers will quickly start seeing savings on their energy bills.

For Bosch hot water system troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance look to a professional hot water plumber with experience and knowledge in their systems. Any decent hot water system expert should have Bosch in their arsenal of installations.