Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting: 5 Things To Try

Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting

With 11 million homes across Australia and 12 million Rinnai hot water systems installed since the 1970s, it’s hardly a stretch to suggest that this Japanese brand could be our country’s favourite hot water. But all that Rinnai hot water means that plenty of you out there are looking for some help with your Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting – because even technologies produced by the most well-established and reputable brands still go wrong.

Two of Rinnai’s huge sellers across Australia at the moment are the Infinity range of gas tankless or instantaneous systems, and the ever-popular number 1 selling tank-based electric burner Rinnai systems known as Hotflo. So if you’re having Rinnai hot water problems, here’s what to do:

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1. Is there an error code?

Helpfully, Rinnai Infinity troubleshooting is easy because these models can basically diagnose their own Rinnai problems which are then relayed to us in the form of a helpful error code. When something goes wrong, you’ll see those Rinnai fault codes flash on the digital monitor of the water controller and – with a bit of luck – you won’t need to call one of Australia’s best plumbers.

The codes are usually a two-digit number, such as:

  • “03”, power interruption. Resolve by turning off the hot taps and pressing on/off twice.
  • “11”, no gas supply. Turn the gas back on or refill your LPG cylinder.
  • “12”, flame failure. Check the gas is still turned on at both the system and the gas meter/cylinder.

For most other error codes, you’ll need to find one of Australia’s best plumbers.

2. Is the error code blank?

Sometimes, your Infinity will flash a blank error code whilst you also notice an obvious reduction in the flow of hot water to your hot taps. In this case, the problem isn’t too serious – the inlet water filter simply needs to be cleaned. However, you’ll still need a hot water specialist to do that for you.

3. Can you just clear the error code?

If you do see an error code, see if it’s a false alarm by following this method:

  • Turn the hot water tap off
  • Turn it back on again
  • Did the error code clear?
  • If not, push the on/off button to switch the system off
  • Push the on/off button again to turn it on again.

4. Seeing two dashes on the LCD?

If all you see on the LCD water controller display is 2 blank dashes, your system has lost power:

  • Is the power available?
  • Is the water heater plugged in?
  • Is the power point turned on?

5. No LCD display

If you don’t have an LCD display at all, you won’t be able to see an error code! So let’s try to diagnose your problem anyway:

  • System not starting: Check the isolation valves are open.
  • System starts but then shuts down: Open the hot water taps completely, and if that’s not the solution then make sure the gas isolation valves and the gas meter are fully open.

Still having Rinnai hot water problems?

Still having problems? There’s a lot on offer throughout the Infinity and Hotflo ranges, but a lot of the common problems you’ll encounter with these Rinnai hot water systems will have the same basic answer. For instance:

  • No hot water?: Check the power supply and make sure the pilot light is lit.
  • Twin-element Hotflo?: Hotflo tank-based systems come in either single or twin-element versions, so if yours is a premium twin-element system then the electricity must never be interrupted by the top heating element.
  • Running out of hot water?: If everything works until you run out of water a few daily showers in, the problem could be the small size of the tank rather than a problem.
  • Checked the venting?: Hot water systems require venting to prevent carbon monoxide buildup, so the venting systems cannot be obstructed or blocked.
  • Hot water the wrong temperature?: If it’s a consistent hot water temperature problem, test that your water is at least 55°C, because if it isn’t then a Rinnai-approved plumber will need to adjust the thermostat for you.

For further Infinity gas hot water troubleshooting, you might also like to check other common gas hot water problems.

The best plumbers make Rinnai troubleshooting easy

Is your Rinnai hot water system not working properly? They are some of the absolute best units on the highly competitive Australian market, so when problems arise it’s often because it either wasn’t installed, maintained or serviced correctly. If something’s gone wrong with your Rinnai, we’ve made it easier than ever to find help among the absolute best 5-Star hot water plumbers across the country.

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