What Size Hot Water System Do I Need?

what size hot water system do i need

It is a fact that since no home is exactly the same in size and layout, and every family is different in how they use hot water, working out “what size hot water system do I need” takes a bit of thought. You should certainly not rush into just replacing the system with the same one you had before. Hot water heater sizes range greatly, from 25L and going up to as much as 400L. There is more to think about too than just the size, and more to think about than just how many people will be using it. Here is a look at what goes into the decision and why it is important to do your homework before buying.

Getting the right size is a good idea for several reasons

While there are several reasons why choosing the right hot water system size is important, the two main ones to consider are the following:

  1. If you choose a water heater that is not large enough you will keep running out of hot water and this will get very frustrating very quickly.
  2. If you choose a water heater that is too large though you are then overspending on keeping that water hot. Even when you are not using the water your system keeps it hot ready for when you need it. Having a large tank takes more energy to heat and keep hot so costs more.

Finding a tank that is the right size means you can meet all your needs but not overspend to do so, and you can be more energy-efficient.

What to think about when deciding on a size

1. How many outlets and showers is the water heater supplying with hot water?

If you have just one shower then a smaller heater would be better. But if there are several bathrooms as well as the kitchen appliances to supply, you need a larger heater as you explore what size hot water system is best.

2. How many people are living in the residence?

As well as thinking about how many live there also consider how often you have guests staying or visitors over who also might place some demand on the hot water supply. The more people there are, the larger the system you need.

3. What habits do you and your family have when it comes to using hot water?

Hot water habits include things like when you all shower, peak time or off-peak, how long the showers are and when you do your washing and run your dishwasher. If you have say 5 to 8 people in the home, and you all use the hot water at peak times then with an electric hot water system what size hot water system you would want is a 400L tank. That same family using just in off-peak times could go as low as 250L.

4. Are you using an electric, solar or gas water heater?

The type of hot water system you want to use has a big impact on its size. Gas tends to heat more quickly so you could get a smaller tank. Electric needs more reserves so a larger tank. But if the showers are happening at the same time then a larger system of any kind is needed so the hot water does not run out. For better efficacy and a greener choice solar is the way to go but if you have a large demand you might want a backup system. You can only have gas if you can connect to the local gas supply.

5. Do you have water-saving devices such as special shower heads?

How much pressure you want, the type of showerhead, the size, all affect how much hot water you need per shower. Choosing something water-saving is a good way to save money on water bills and on energy bills.

Conclusion: What size hot water system do I need?

When thinking about the size of the system you need to consider whether you mostly use it at peak times and whether you want to change that to save money. A family that all showers in the morning using three different showers has high peak usage. If there are 5 to 8 of you, you have a gas system and your use is in low peak times then a 250l tank is a good enough hot water system size.

The best way to find the right system for you, your family, lifestyle, and usage is to speak to an expert hot water system plumber. And Best Plumbers Club can help you with that. We are a local plumbing network that can find the best plumbers near you to repair or install your hot water system. With guaranteed workmanship and friendly service, they will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. Get in touch with us today!