4 Drain Cleaning Tools Used By The Best Plumbers

drain cleaning tools used by the best plumbers

A dripping tap is a headache, and a burst pipe is a plumbing catastrophe – but neither of them is the most common reason for a call to a professional plumber. Actually, when people need the real deal rather than the ol’ plunger under the sink, it’s for this simple but disruptive and potential devastating request: “Please bring your best drain cleaning tools to our place!”

It’s no surprise that so many effective professional tools for unblocking drains are in the back of the vans driven by the best plumbers in your area. Why’s that? Because of all the various ways in which your drains can get hopelessly backed up:

  • Tree roots
  • Fats, grease, gunk & food
  • Toilet paper & wipes
  • Solid objects
  • Balls of hair & soap
  • Poor installation
  • Ground movement.

And with all those simple reasons (& more), the best plumbers understand that they often need more than the simplest of drain cleaning tools to get it all flowing again. So before we explore what the best plumbers use to quickly, affordably and effectively clear your drains, have you tried your:

  • Plunger?: Just make sure you’ve got the perfect seal.
  • Home brew?: Try (almost)-boiled water, baking soda and white vinegar for a natural drain cleaner.
  • Chemicals?: For the next level, caustic drain clearing chemicals are available at your supermarket or hardware store.
  • Hands?: Make sure you’ve got good gloves on, and go fishing for those clumps of blockage gunk.
  • Drain snake?: While you’re at the hardware store, pick up a hand-held drain snake that you can unwind into your clogged up drain.

You can get the lowdown on all of these basic home plumbing tools. But we’ll be honest – while all of the above are great preventative measures that can also be effective against a minor clump of drain gunk, you’re probably reading this article because your DIY drain blockage tools didn’t work.

Do you need one of the best plumbers in your local area to rush a professional drain clearing tool (or 4) to your place? If you hand-select the most skilled and experienced blocked drain plumbers you can possibly find, they’ll almost certainly come to you with:

1. A motorised plumber’s auger

Like a hand-held drain snake … but bigger! And with serious power! Motorised plumber’s augers, also known as electric plumbing snakes or drain snakes, are specialised tools used to clear blockages in drain and sewer lines. They are similar to manual plumber’s augers, but are equipped with an electric motor that drives the auger rather than a hand crank. This allows for faster and more efficient operation, as well as greater torque and power for breaking up blockages. The big coil (or snake) can wind deep into your drain, smashing up blockages way down the pipe.

They’re obviously more expensive than manual augers and may require the use of additional equipment such as generators or extension cords. Overall, motorised plumber’s augers are a powerful and efficient tool for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of drain and sewer systems.

2. An ultra-high pressure drain jetter

Ultra-high pressure drain jetter – it’s a big name for an awful lot of power. Think of your garden hose, and now make that stream of water steaming hot and under incredible pressure – we’re talking thousands of PSI! Known for being more effective than an auger but less likely to damage your pipes, it’s becoming the gold standard of drain cleaning tools used by the Best Plumbers.

High pressure drain jetters, also known as hydro jetters or water jetters are typically used to remove tough blockages such as tree roots in stormwater drains, grease, and scale build-up that cannot be removed with traditional methods such as plunger or auger. They are also effective at removing debris and sediment that have accumulated over time, improving the overall flow and performance of the drain or sewer system.

3. A CCTV drain camera

The big problem with some clogs isn’t just that they can be incredibly stubborn – but they’re buried so deep in your drain & pipe system that even the seasoned pro can’t locate them. Enter the modern CCTV drain inspection camera technology, which may not break up the blockage, but it can pinpoint the location and severity in incredible detail.

CCTV drain cameras, also known as sewer cameras or pipe cameras, are specialised inspection tools that are used to visualise the inside of drain pipes and sewers. They are equipped with a small camera mounted on a flexible rod that can be inserted into a drain or sewer line through a small access point. The camera transmits live video footage to a handheld monitor or computer, allowing the operator to see the condition of the inside of the pipes in real time.

CCTV drain cameras are often used to diagnose and repair problems in stormwater  drains and blocked sewage systems. One of the key advantages of using CCTV drain cameras is that they allow for non-invasive inspection of the pipes, reducing the need for costly and disruptive excavation work.

4. No-dig pipe relining

The most common drain blockage is caused by tree roots – which so often leave your pipes physically damaged. In the event of pipe damage, the best plumbers can repair the section of pipe without digging up your garden bed thanks to amazing epoxy mould/resin technology. Pipe relining services create a new internal lining saving thousands vs the alternative of digging up and replacing the section of pipe. Not all plumbers are trained to provide pipe lining services, and there is specialist equipment needed. So it’s advisable to choose a plumber like Rapid Service Plumbing in Sydney who can offer pipe relining and won’t recommend to dig up your property unnecessarily.

The best plumbers use the best drain cleaning tools

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