How To Unblock A Drain Outside: 7 Simple Steps

how to unblock a drain outside

If the kitchen sink is blocked, try pouring a kettle of boiling water down there. Toilet’s bunged up? Grab the plunger. But what if the problem isn’t inside your house? What if you need to unblock an outside drain? Does knowing how to unblock a drain outside differ much from unblocking drains inside?

Before instantly playing it safe by starting to look for a good local blocked drain plumber, how about trying your luck as an amateur outside drain unblocker? The good news is that the nature of your outside drains and pipes means blockages of this are less common … but the bad news is that when they do get backed up, the problem can be more difficult to solve.

But let’s give it a shot anyway! Just make sure you’re a confident DIY’er who doesn’t mind rolling up your sleeves and diving into a stinky drain and let’s get started!

1. Assess the situation

If you have no idea where the blockage is, or how to get stuck into basic tasks like removing a drain cover, it’s probably best to skip to step 7 for a drain plumbing master right now. But if you’re proceeding:

  • Can you see the actual blockage?
  • Is it just gunk and debris, or does it look like physical drain or pipe damage has occurred?

If you want to keep pushing ahead with how to unblock a drain pipe outside, proceed to the next step.

2. Get your tools together

Again, if you’re lacking basic plumbing tools, life as a DIY outside drain unblocker is probably not for you. And if you’re really serious, start shopping right now for a fairly inexpensive drain rod. It’s going to make the task a lot easier.

  • Drain rod aside, you’ll also need a bucket and a hose (a high-pressure one if you can).
  • It’s also a really good idea to protect your eyes and mouth, as drain water – and especially sewage – can be extremely unhealthy.

3. Get started on the blockage

Can you reach into the drain and simply start pulling out the drain debris, build-up and gunk by hand? If so, give yourself a break and put on some rubber gloves.

  • If that has worked, great! If it’s still blocked, removing the debris was still necessary.
  • Now let’s get started with that drain rod.

4. Clear that outside drain blockage

You’ll notice that a typical drain rod comes in many parts, so that you can keep screwing another section on to get deep into that outside drain.

  • While you need to be careful not to worsen your problem by physically damaging or even breaking your outside drain, you will need to use some strength to hack around with that rod.

5. Grab your hose

As we said, a high-pressure hose is better – but the one you use to water the Petunias will also do. Just make sure you at least turn on the tap as far as it will go.

  • Direct the flow directly into the drain, and don’t be afraid if you make a bit of a mess – hopefully, the mess is the gunk that is causing the blockage.
  • After 30 seconds or so, turn the tap off and go to work with the drain rod again.
  • Then, get going with the hose again, and repeat the process until you’ve lost patience with it.

6. Marvel at your unblocked drain!

Problem solved? Drain unblocked? Gold star for your DIY credentials?

If the answer is no, don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world and, as we said before, outside drain problems can actually be much more complex than just a build-up of gunk. There’s also the question of who is responsible for stormwater drains.

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