The 3 Sure Signs Of Tree Roots In Pipes

Tree roots in pipes

When was the last time you blamed a tree for your problems? While it might sound strange to consider it, trees – or, more specifically, their far-reaching and always-thirsty roots – are actually one of the leading causes of pipe, drain and sewer blockages and breakages. So whether there are plenty of grand and sprawling trees on your property or not, it might be time to wonder if tree roots in pipes are behind your current problems.

Even very good plumbers, of course, are not exactly tree experts. But they are the expert you’ll be looking to if tiny cracks or leaks have invited tiny, hair-like roots to creep into those critical plumbing pipes. The inside of a dark, damp, nutrient-rich pipe or drain is particularly delicious for tree roots seeking nourishment – and it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tangled, thick and destructive mess.

Think you have a tree root pipe problem?

Not quite sure if a tree root in pipe and drain infrastructure at your place is the cause of your current issues? Apart from the usual bad drain smells, soaring bills and backed-up sinks, here are 3 classic signs of tree roots in pipes and drains to definitely watch out for:

1. Gurgling

Sure, you know something’s wrong if your sinks aren’t draining properly anymore. But if it’s combined with an unmistakable gurgling sound when you pull the plug, that could well be the usually-heard noise of water having to find its way past a big tangled mess of tree roots.

2. Sinkholes

Is your lawn … sinking? Actually, your pre-sinkhole situation might currently just look like a few conspicuous-looking spongy, muddy or soft spots in the lawn. What has caused them? Particularly if the problem is happening under your grass, that’s a sure sign that tree roots have damaged or even destroyed your pipes, leading to the saturation and collapse of the surrounding soil.

3. Green patches

On the other hand, your lawn might actually be suddenly looking quite a bit healthier! Before sinkholes or muddy patches are wreaking havoc on your grass, your lawn might actually have some lovely and luscious-looking green patches – which will look particularly odd amid dry and hot weather. That’s because those tree roots in drain pipes may have caused a significant plumbing leak that is now happily fertilising the soil under your feet.

Roots in pipes? Here’s what to do next

Convinced your tree root pipe problem needs some urgent attention? Unfortunately, you’re probably – and almost certainly – going to need a professional blocked drain plumber to pay you a visit so they can deal with it. Sure, you could get rid of the offending tree, or try some other drain clearing tools and methods such as chemicals – such as copper sulphate.

In most cases, however, you’ll need the professional big guns to use their powerful mechanical augers – or an ultra high-pressure water jetter that is great for blasting through just about anything, including tree roots. As for the damage, however, the affected pipe section will need to be repaired or replaced – or ‘re-lined’ with an innovative modern plumbing method called pipe relining, which doesn’t require any destructive digging.

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