The 6 Easiest Ways To Unblock A Bath Drain

how to unblock a bath drain

Are you one of those Australians who prefers to lie back in a steamy, bubbly bath rather than a quick 4-minute spray under the showerhead? We hear you: they’re relaxing; you can clean yourself whilst sipping a glass of chilled white; soothe your aching muscles; drop in a bath bomb; play with a rubber-ducky; put your headphones in; and so much more. But what if you’re looking forward to your daily soak only to discover that last night’s water didn’t go down? The horror! But rest easy: We’re about to tell you how to unblock a bath drain.

If you’re expecting us to say ‘Call a plumber’, think again – because while a blocked bath drain is one of the most common plumbing problems, it can also be one of the simplest to solve. And the best thing about it? By reading on, you’ll also learn how to unblock a shower drain, too! Hooray!

Here’s how:

1. Plunge away

The first place to start is always with a trusty plunger in your hand – but you knew that already. We put it at number 1 because you don’t want to use your highly effective plunger after pouring harsh chemicals down there, for obvious reasons.

2. Remove the drain cover

Next up, figure out how to remove the drain cover if you can, and see what you can see. If it’s visibly bunged up, you’ll find your bath drain blocked by hair, gunk, soap and other debris built up over time – so pull it out by hand or with a tool like a pair of pliers. We know it’s gross, so do consider some gloves.

3. Use a coat hanger

If that blockage is out of reach, a straightened-out coat hanger can be an extremely effective alternative to a plumber’s snake. Fashion the end you poke down the drain in a hook shape, and go fishing!

4. Buy a drain snake

When it comes to a stubbornly blocked bath drain, though, a coat hanger may not be enough – you may need a proper plumber’s drain snake. Luckily, the hand-held ones you can grab from the hardware store are very affordable – just be careful, because they’re so good at fixing a blocked bath drain that they can damage it if you’re too rough. Check our guides on how to properly use a drain snake.

5. Try some natural remedies

If physically yanking out or breaking up that blockage didn’t work, it’s time to get stuck into the chemicals. First, try the natural drain cleaner route – a powerful blend comprised simply of the baking soda and vinegar that’s already in the pantry. The fizzy concoction is very effective, and follow up the brew with a full kettle of boiling water.

6. Time for the chemicals?

If all else fails, you might reach for the harsher chemicals – just protect your skin and eyes and read the instructions carefully. Most plumbers including Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage recommend against their use as they can cause damage to your pipes, not to mention the environment.

Did one of those DIY methods help? If not, it might be the perfect moment to slap yourself on the wrist, because a lack of maintenance could be the culprit here. Luckily, our 6 DIY ways to learn how to unblock a bath drain are also perfect preventative measures, so you haven’t wasted your time at all by reading this piece!

Even so, you still have a bath drain blocked by something – and if you’re noticing some bubbling from that drain, it’s probably a problem much deeper into your drain and pipes. The solution to that? Simple: Call on a trusted local specialist in blocked drains Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle or wherever you’re located.

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