AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Guide

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AquaMAX is an Australian manufacturer of hot water systems and has been around since 1988, starting as a small business and becoming what it is today, a trusted and reputable company providing AquaMAX hot water systems across Australia.

There are very good reasons for this success, they were the first Australian company to design a 5-star efficient water heater with a 10-year warranty. They stand out from other makers using cylinders made from stainless steel. They offer both electric or gas hot water systems and a range of sizes and models to suit anyone. When you compare AquaMAX hot water system reviews with regards to efficiency they are certainly one of the leaders. Most of their systems are 5-star energy rated and the company works with the GreenPlumbers environmental initiative.

Please note, all hot water installations should only be done by qualified services. If you need assistance, there’s a local plumber near you to help!

AquaMAX gas hot water storage systems

Gas is becoming less common compared to ten or twenty years ago but some people still prefer it especially as electricity prices are on the rise. The range of gas models on offer then here is smaller as a result but there is something that will suit most homes. The three tank sizes are 270L, 340L and 390L and each one has a 5-star rating so you know they are efficient saving energy and money. The above-mentioned stainless steel cylinders mean water is stored at higher temperatures than other water heaters and they offer a 10-year warranty on them so any AquaMAX hot water system problems with the cylinders and they will take care of it.

Comparing the 340L and the 390L models there is not much difference. The 390L does come with a different output in the first hour and there is an option during installation to have different temperatures sent to different parts of the home. It is a nice safety measure for homes with children who might play with certain taps so they do not get scalded. It also limits you wasting heating to areas that do not need it as hot. The 270L is good for one or two people and in a smaller home.

AquaMAX electric hot water storage systems

More and more Australians are choosing electric hot water systems and it is understandable seeing as they are the easiest to have installed, to buy and to power. But when you are facing an electric bill that is at least 30% more because of the water heater you need to consider what option is best for you. With their electric systems, there are two ranges from AquaMAX, Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel.

  • Stainless steel – In this range you have storage tanks starting at 80L and going up to 315L. It is the more expensive range but you get that money back long term because it is less likely to experience corrosion. AquaMAX hot water Stainless steel models weigh as much as 50% less than the other range too so are easier to install. This range is very efficient, exceeding standards set for minimum energy performance by as much as 27%. With no hot water anode in these AquaMAX hot water systems, the water stays cleaner and it comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Vitreous enamel – It’s the more popular range, they are more affordable and come in sizes of 50L up to 400L. Developed to suit rural as well as town settings they are built to last. This AquaMAX hot water range comes with either a 5 or 7-year warranty, needs a bit more regular maintenance and comes in a range of shapes so you can get the best fit for the space you have.

Aquamax Hot Water Problems

If you’re facing issues with your Aquamax hot water system, identifying the right fix for your hot water system can ensure continued comfort and efficiency. Common problems often include inconsistent water temperature, noise during operation, or water leaks. Start by checking the thermostat settings and ensuring that all electrical connections are secure. For gas models, verify that the pilot light is on. Remember, regular maintenance and timely repairs can significantly extend the life of your unit and prevent future disruptions.


When you are looking for affordable and reliable storage hot water systems, AquaMAX hot water system reviews show promising comments. Your budget and location will influence which are best for your needs and you can also talk to a professional with experience in AquaMAX hot water system troubleshooting and installation to find the right option. Having direct access to hot water has become a need rather than the luxury it once was. Finding and selecting the right manufacturer and type of hot water system for your needs takes a bit of research. AquaMAX is certainly a contender for many people.

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