How To Fix A Flooded Bathroom

flooded bathroom

There are a number of reasons why you might be faced with the situation of having a flooded bathroom. A clogged toilet that has overflowed, forgetting you turned the taps on to fill the bath, a burst pipe and more. It actually happens pretty quickly and there you are faced with a lot of water, potentially sewage and you need to know what to do to minimise the damage it does and clear it up and then fix the problem. The fact is just a mop may not be enough. You might need the help of professional flood clean-up experts and you certainly need the help of a licensed plumber to fix the problem. Here is a guide on what they do to clean up a flood and fix the plumbing.

Flood cleanup steps

You do not want standing water to sit there, not only does it go bad very quickly it also seeps into flooring down to the floor below. In just 24 hours you could then be facing additional issues of mildew and mould. Here are the steps needed to be taken.

Step One – Shut off your water!

This is one you can do yourself as you call for professional emergency plumbing service. You do not want to reach for a plunger or mop first you should turn off the water first. When considering how to fix a flooded bathroom you should find the valve closest to the leak and shut it off. If that does not fix the water still flooding in, then it may be a burst pipe. Either way, if turning off close to the problem does not stop the water, turn off the water at the main water supply to the outside valve.

Another reason you should look into would be a blocked bath drain. Check your drains and unblock them or call a professional blocked drain plumber.

Step Two – Safety first

Before you even think of entering the room turn off the electrical supply as well. Bathroom gadgets and appliances are a danger of electrocution, water and electricity are a bad mix. Also, wear rubber-soled boots or shoes as well as grounding you, it prevents you slipping in the water. When it is safe to do so only then take out things like hairdryers and space heaters and lamps.

Step Three – Dealing with the problem

If a pipe is leaking a temporary fix such as fibreglass tape or epoxy putty can be applied with a clamp kit until the water is dealt with in the flooded bathroom, and then proper repairs can take place. If the issue is a leaking toilet or a broken pipe behind a wall this is even more reason to call an emergency plumber.

Step Four – Get pictures and evidence

In case you will need to make a claim you will need pictures of it all as even small issues of flooding can lead to longer-term issues.

Step Five – Preparing for cleanup or calling in an expert

Move what you can from the cupboards and so on into another room, the less there is in the bathroom the easier it is to move around and clear up after. If the tub is empty you can through wet things in there like towels, area rugs or bath mats.

Step Six – Cleaning up

For a very minor issue, you can use a mop and towels to take care of the water. But when looking at how to fix a flooded bathroom a professional local plumber can come in with the best equipment and methods for cleaning up anything more. That might include pumping it out and other professional water removal methods.

Step Seven – Drying the room out

Then with a flooded bathroom, the next step is drying it out. They will open windows if there are any, or set up large professional fans. A dehumidifier helps remove moisture from the air but it will need emptying regularly as it will fill quickly. This process needs patience as it can take a few days at least, possibly even more than well to complete.

Step Eight – Replace the drywall and disinfect

Finally, on how to fix a flooded bathroom you or a professional bathroom plumber needs to take a look at the walls. Is the drywall damaged and does it need replacing? It is important so you do not leave a breeding ground for mould. It might also be a structural issue. When that is done you should clean and disinfect the whole room to remove contaminates and refresh the quality of air.