Is Your Toilet Not Flushing? Here Is The Fix!

how to fix toilet not flushing

There is no doubt about the frustration that comes with a toilet that hardly flushes. It doesn’t only creates a mess but also wastes water due to repeated unsuccessful flushing attempts. However, as big as the problem might seem, the underlying cause is usually a minor issue – one you can fix there and then.

In this article, we will take a look at some usual toilet flush problems and how best to approach them. You will find these tips handy and simple enough to try on your own. But if you find that these tips are doing little or nothing to help, you can always call on the best local plumbers to take a look at the issue.

Top causes of toilet flush issues

  • Low water level
  • Broken flush button
  • Blocked toilet
  • Faulty outlet valve
  • Blocked pipe sewer line – broken pipes, roots, or pipe belly

Low Water Level

If the water level in the cistern is lower than normal, then the valve on the outlet washer is most likely worn out. This means that the water refilling the cistern will leak into the bowl and the cistern will not fill up. On the other hand, the inlet valve may be faulty. Thus the cistern is not filled up completely. You can simply get replacements for these parts from the local hardware and supply store close to you and install by yourself.

Broken flush button

The function of the flush button is to lift the outlet valve to flush water down the cistern. However, this button can get stuck or broken due to grime, dirt, or constant use. Clean the button consistently with soapy water. If this doesn’t work, replace it. In some cases, the issue might be due to a deteriorating outlet valve, which causes water not to be released down the cistern. You can simply get replacements for your flush button and outlet valve from the local hardware and supply store closest to you and install yourself.

Blocked Toilet

Perhaps the most reported problem of a toilet flush, a blocked toilet is usually caused by too much toilet paper or a foreign matter going down the cistern. The resulting blockage makes it difficult to flush. You can unblock a toilet by using a plunger repeatedly (which should be in every plumbing toolkit). This will loosen up the material and make it easier to go through the pipes. If there’s a larger issue it may only temporarily fix it though.

Blocked or Broken Pipes

If all of the above does not seem to be the problem with your blocked toilet, then you might need to inspect the pipes connecting to the toilet carefully. A cracked pipe, perhaps due to the break-in of tree roots, can cause your toilet to block up. Hence, the toilet water drains slowly, and nothing goes down the pipe anymore. Considering that all the pipes and drains in your home are linked, a problem with the toilet will eventually affect other parts of your home.

Thus, it is important that you invite the best blocked drain plumbers to check and see how best to solve the problem.

Professional plumbers usually rely on high tech CCTV cameras to carry out an intensive investigation and ultimately identify the cause of the blocked drains or pipes. After this, they proffer the best solutions for the problem at hand.

Were you able to solve your toilet flushing issue by applying one or more of the tips discussed above? That’s great news, and you deserve some commendation. However, if none of them seems to work, it is no problem when you have a reliable plumber to call on for toilet repair or replacement.

Best Plumbers Club will be delighted to bring in a licensed plumbing expert to take a look at your toilet issues and make prompt and lasting fixes.