French Drain Installations For Flooding Yards

french drain system installation

Water can stand in your yard for a long time after the rain. The drainage issue becomes more serious when your basement starts leaking. Your yard will always be a source of the problem if your lawn drainage is poor. Apart from the inconvenience of mowing your lawn more frequently, lingering drainage issues compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation.

Contrary to popular view, no one has to live with flooding, drainage issues or any plumbing problems. This is why we advise homeowners with flooding yards or pooling water to install a french drain system – a proven solution to many drainage issues. This simple, cost-effective, and efficient channel drain gets water out of the weakest parts of your yard. Now you can enjoy an overall safe and attractive landscaping.

Are French drains a good idea?

Unlike typical box drains which drain in one spot, french drain systems collect water over the entire length of the drain as opposed to one dedicated area. Gravity guides the water along a french drain to a discharge point or stormwater system connection. This makes them highly effective for large lawn areas and backyard drainage.

What causes poor yard drainage?

Poor drainage can result from a couple of situations. In some cases, the problem is entirely from your yard, and in others, your neighbours’ yards may be the culprit. If the problem is coming from your yard, you should watch out for poor shaping or contour as well as inadequate soil content. Water only gets to soak into the ground if there is a good soil containing the right mix of sand and minerals. The opposite of this is where you have hard, compacted soil, such as clay. In this case, water cannot sink, thus forcing it to stand in your yard.

Have you ever wondered how the neighbouring yard can lead to your poor yard drainage situation? The reason is not far-fetched. This is usually a result of the difference in elevations of your lawns. If your yard is slightly lower than the neighbouring properties, water will naturally move from these yards onto yours. The resulting situation, most times, can be corrected via proper drainage and soil composition. However, if your lower level yard contains poor soil or drainage, this may become a huge problem.

How do you install a french drain?

While the installation process of a french drain system appears easy, it is tedious and requires significant time and labour. Most people with employ the skills of a local drain plumber, however It is possible to DIY, considering how much work is required to get it in place. You will not only dig a trench but also install the pipe, alongside some finishing touches. If you are planning to install the drain close to your neighbour’s property, ensure that you inform them and seek their approval. You should also contact Dial Before You Dig to ensure there are no buried gas pipes or cables in the vicinity so that you do not cause connection problems.

You must ensure a regular slope if you want the french drain to function effectively. This has a bearing on how deep a french drain should be. In the case of a level yard, make the trench for the pipes tilt slightly downward towards the area you want the water to run off, usually the edge of your yard. Also, prepare a layer of washed, drainage gravel, which will be used to lace the upper and lower parts of the newly-installed pipe. The most challenging aspect of the installation is the ideal spot to install the french drain and pipe. For best results, go for the highest point of your yard. Then, dig a trench that proceeds to the lowest part.

If you are in a suburban property, you may cut a hole into the curb to allow the drainage pipes to expel water into the street and ultimately into a storm drain. In this case, it is advisable to work with a plumber near you. The same concept can be replicated by redirecting the water through the pipe and into a drainage ditch or an area of the yard you are not using.

The benefits of a french drain system are impressive, as you will discover after the first post-installation heavy rain.

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