Hourly or Fixed Plumbing Pay Rate: Which is Better?

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As homeowners, we literally cannot make do without getting residential plumbing jobs done. However, when the time comes to get these things done, you will need the services of an Aussie plumber or a reputable plumbing company. Paying for such services can be done on the basis of two separate plumbing pay rate calculations, based either on an hourly or fixed rate.

In this piece, we will be taking an extended look at the plumbing pay rate question, and specifically these two pricing methods.  Which is best for your situation and plumbing needs? We hope that in the end, you will be better informed about the right option when next you need plumbing services.

Fixed Plumbing Pay Rate

The billing here is such that what you pay depends on the type and extent of plumbing job done, rather than how long (how many hours) it took to finish up the job. Consider unblocking a drain, for example: a plumber will most likely charge this job at a flat rate. This means that, irrespective of how long the plumber takes to complete the job, you pay the same price. However, according to this billing option, any additional work will be charged differently.

Let’s assume that upon starting work on your blocked drain, your plumber discovers that your drain pipe is damaged and needs to be replaced – the replacement of the old pipe would be charged at an additional fee. Hence, you will be paying more than the initial price, provided you agree to get the additional job done.

Hourly Plumbing Pay Rate

Contrary to a fixed rate, the hourly rate pricing method is based on the number of hours a certain job takes. If we consider the same blocked drain example again, let’s assume that your plumber took 3 hours to get the job done – he would be paid at the plumbing rate for three hours. However, with plumbing services at the hourly rate, all replacements (of fixtures or fittings) are charged as an extra cost and added to the original bill.

Hourly and Fixed Plumbing Services – The Meeting Point

Knowing the costs associated with hiring a professional plumber or a plumbing service company is important, especially when it comes to the average hourly and fixed rates in each case. Note that, in most cases, both an expert plumber and a plumbing service charge a call-out fee that is usually between $50 and $100. An average plumber will likely charge between $90 and $150 per hour for their services, although this will depend on how competent they are and your location. So don’t be surprised if pro and master plumbers ask for something higher than that range.

Also, bear in mind that the cost of emergency services may be slightly higher, considering that such situations happen outside the regular working hours of 9 to 5. Alternatively, some plumbers may charge their usual hourly rates for emergency services, but there is an after-hours call out fee attached in such cases.

Get and Compare Plumbing Quotes

You cannot be certain of what your plumbing project will cost until you get quotes from different plumbers and then compare them. Ensure that you only contact certified and experienced plumbers, and when you have a ballpark figure, use the same in preparing for the task. This will also prevent any unforeseen additional work that may attract extra costs.

Note that plumbing quotes usually vary, so make sure you check what constitutes the total price in each case. Some plumbers may add the costs for the materials in their quote, while others include them as a separate cost.

If it turns out that there is the need for more thorough work than what is quoted initially by your plumber, you may be charged extra to get this done. It is therefore essential that you discuss all of this beforehand with your plumber.

Lastly, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily translate to the best services. It is important to calmly assess each quote and come up with what best meets your needs – and more importantly, without upsetting your budget.