All You Need to Know About a Rimless Toilet

rimless toilet

You will agree that no home can properly function without a toilet. This is why most people only go for the best option when buying a new toilet. Talking about options, homeowners prioritise features like convenience, water usage, and trendy designs when choosing their home toilet.

In this post, we will be discussing one of the newest toilet models in the market – the rimless toilet suites.

What is a rimless toilet?

A toilet that has no rim is rimless. No brainer, right? The hype around the trend of a toilet without a rim is real. From all indications, it may become the most popular toilet choice among homeowners. And this is due to the numerous benefits it offers over other toilet types.

Rimless VS Rimmed – The Difference

The absence of a rim is the only and most significant difference between the two toilet types. This is why it is almost impossible to distinguish between both toilet styles when the lid is down.

However, you see the difference (in the function) when you flush. The flushing system in the rimless toilet is more direct. Once you press the flush button, the water comes out of the tank in a rotary motion, reaching all the areas of the toilet. In the end, you have a cleaner toilet.

That said, you are paying almost the same amount of money for both the rimmed and rimless toilet.

Why should you choose a rimless toilet?

Rimless toilets are the new normal in some parts of the world, for instance, Germany, and this is due to their benefits. According to Gold Coast Plumbing Experts as many as 40% of residential toilet installations are now rimless. Let’s start with its great aesthetic appeal. The absence of the rim makes it more modern and appealing.

Perhaps, a more important benefit is improved hygiene. The underneath of the rim is arguably the most difficult part to clean in rimmed toilets. With its removal, cleaning just becomes more natural.

The absence of the rim also means there is no more breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and smells. Lastly, the more efficient flushing technique leaves the bowl cleaner at all times. And a well-cleaned toilet will always be nice to use.

Why should you not choose the rimless toilet?

Apart from the hassles of removing your old toilet to create space for the new type of toilet, there is no known downside of a rimless toilet.

Before you decide…

The available space is an important consideration when planning to install a new toilet. The ideal spacing for a toilet space is 200mm on either sides and 600mm at the front. These measurements are at the least. You also need to account the space where the bowl and cistern will sit.

So, essentially, you need sufficient space to accommodate a rimless toilet. That is not all – you also need to choose between a wall-mounted, a floor-mounted, and a wall-hung type. In the case of a wall-hung rimless toilet, the cistern is installed in the wall cavity – the same place that houses the plumbing.

The best advice is to talk to your local plumber regarding the installation of these new toilet wonder.

rimless toilet

rimless toilet

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