5 Answers: Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

low water pressure

Did you just have a very disappointing shower? Was the wait for your bath to fill excruciatingly long? Low water pressure is something that can really frustrate homeowners but also worry them – because identifying the cause can be notoriously difficult.

Nonetheless, in many cases it’s due to one of 3 potential things:

  • Your water supplier carrying out local work
  • A burst water pipe, mains or other local fault
  • A problem with your property’s plumbing.

So before you start your search for the best and most trustworthy local plumber to help restore your usual satisfying flow, here’s where to start:

1. Look in the letterbox

Across the country, it’s pretty much standard practice for water suppliers to put a card in the mailbox when they’re about to carry out scheduled local work that could affect your supply.

2. Look for local outages

In our internet era, that ‘card in the letterbox’ that could explain why your water pressure is low might actually be online. Luckily, today’s search engine algorithms make it easy to search for local outages and interruptions.

3. Ask the neighbours

If your neighbours are having trouble with low water pressure in their house too, you can at least breathe easy that there’s probably nothing wrong with your own plumbing.

4. Check your mains

Sometimes, the reason why water pressure in the house is low is simply because your mains water supply’s control or stop valve is not fully open for whatever reason.

5. Check for leaks

The best way to check for any leaks that could help explain your loss of water pressure is to look at the dial on your water meter that only moves if water is heading into your property. If all the taps and water-using appliances are off, it should be completely static.

If the 5 easy explanations listed above give you no insight into why you have low or no water pressure, it could be one of these most common issues with your own property’s plumbing:

  • You’re trying to use too many outlets at the same time
  • Your pipes and drains could be blocked or corroded
  • Your shower heads, taps and other fixtures could be faulty or ageing
  • Your garden watering systems could be leaking.

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low water pressure