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There are many DIY tasks around the home, but gas is definitely not one of them. Gas-related issues can be deadly! The best way to go about a gas problem in your workplace or household is to bring in professional gas fitters.

Not every plumber is qualified to perform gas work. If you’re facing any problems with your gas plumbing, from appliances to hot water, you need a local Melbourne gas fitter that can perform gas repairs or installations and ensure your gas systems are safe and compliant with regulations.

Our network of fully licenced gas plumbers is ready to help, with upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship. All you need to do is give us a few details, and the best plumber will be in touch, fast!


Melbourne Gas Fitting Services

For all types of Melbourne gas repairs and installations, the best plumbers will be right there to help and solve your gas plumbing problems.

Gas Heating

You want your home to stay warm, even during the winter months? Call us for the installation and repair of your Melbourne gas heating systems. Our qualified technicians are always available to do an outstanding job, both in your homes and offices.

Kitchen Appliances

From cooktop replacements to oven change-overs or relocations, the best plumbers gas appliance installation and repair services will keep your kitchen in fine order and the family well-fed!

Gas Hot Water

If you want a reliable hot water supply in your home, then you should incorporate gas into your hot water systems. This option is not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and safe. You can rely on gas to power your continuous flow systems, instantaneous heaters, and storage tanks. Whether you’re replacing a gas hot water system or considering switching from electric to gas, the best plumbers can help you choose the best hot water system option for you.


Best Plumbers Club members are licensed LPG gas fitters. Hence, they are the capable hands to handle your bottled gas and commercial LPG connections. They also carry out leak detection tests and provide gas compliance certificates as necessary.

Other Melbourne gas fitting services include:

  • Gas heater service
  • Gas appliance repairs
  • Gas appliance installations
  • Gas meters
  • LPG to natural gas conversion
  • Bayonet points
  • Gas leak detection and repairs
  • Natural gas installations
  • Gas barbecue connections
  • LPG installations

Emergency Gas Repairs

Gas leaks or damaged pipes are a plumbing emergency that must be resolved immediately. This is why you should have a licensed gas fitter on speed dial to look into such occurrences as soon as they happen. We have a network of licenced gas fitters on the Melbourne and beyond who can help right away!

How do you detect a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks may occur at any time in your home. But what is more important is being aware of the signs of gas leaks whenever they happen. The most common indication is a “rotten egg” smell. That is not all. Here are some specific household gas leak signs:

  • Degrading vegetation due to underground leaks
  • Hissing sound emanating from gas lines or appliances
  • Dust particles blowing from around gas lines or connections
  • The bubbling of flooded and wet areas

Any of these signs suggest an imminent gas leak situation that must be addressed immediately by turning off all the gas appliances in your household. Furthermore, turn off your gas supply from your meter and ensure the building is well ventilated by opening all doors and windows.

All Your Melbourne Gas Plumbing Needs

At Best Plumbers Club, our members are licensed to handle all forms of gas line repairs and installations. With the best Melbourne plumbers on the job, rest assured of quality gas services that keep your home safe gas systems in perfect working order. Our network of gas plumbers extend across Melbourne and beyond including:

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