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Water: it’s the world’s most precious resource – bar none. Did you know that although 70% of the earth’s surface is water, only 1% of that is fresh enough to drink? Stop taking water for granted and empower your place in our common sustainable future by seizing the most limited resource on the planet – with your very own constant water supply courtesy of a fully plumbed-in Sunshine Coast rainwater tank.

At Best Plumbers Club, we work with, recommend and review only the highest quality and most trustworthy local plumbers Sunshine Coast wide, ensuring your rainwater tank pipe installation is done right the first time with a great price and fully guaranteed workmanship – for life.


Only the very best Sunshine Coast rainwater tank installation

Have you considered professional rainwater tank installation? It’s the fully integrated way to combine your sustainability goals with real money-saving – by taking your reliance off mains water supplies for your bathrooms, kitchen, garden, toilets and beyond.

One of the very best plumbers near you can hook you up with the setup you need and the rainwater tank installation cost you can afford, providing you with:

  • A truly free source of your own, usable fresh water
  • Independence from water restrictions
  • Lower or even eliminated water bills
  • Self-sufficiency, independence and sustainability
  • Protection from drought & bushfires
  • Guilt-free water for a lush garden, ultra-long showers & more!

Only 100% verified water tank specialists

Did you know not every local plumber in Sunshine Coast has the proven credentials, experience, expertise and trustworthiness to set you up with your water tank? That’s especially true as all those rainwater tank installation regulations must be strictly adhered to for compliance protection and the good of your property & wellbeing.

But simply by letting our friendly team know right here at Best Plumbers Club, with our famously fast & simple process, we can have a fully approved & vetted Sunshine Coast rainwater plumbing team at your place in no time at all. Every single water tank installation approved by us to solve your plumbing task is hand-reviewed for quality, price, licensing and 5-Star customer service.

Every water tank installation that follows a Best Plumbers Club referral also guarantees:

  • Up-front pricing
  • Full compliance certification
  • Australian owned plumbing businesses
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantees
  • 5-Star online reviews verified by a Level 5 Google Local Guide.


You’ll be cheering every time you hear the pitter-patter of rain on your roof once you decide to install rainwater tank plumbing with a Best Plumbers Club recommendation. Every local Sunshine Coast plumber eligible to be sent your way is committed to offering:

  • The most competitive rainwater tank installation cost
  • Regulatory compliance guarantees
  • Correct and tested pump, pipe, plumbing and tap work
  • Connections to all the services and fixtures at your property that you request.

Highest quality with low rainwater tank installation cost

Can you imagine hitting the flush button and it’s your own collected rainwater that rushes into the toilet bowl? Dreamed of watering your garden as often and for as long as you desire because it’s not costing you a dime or breaching any water restrictions? Did you know your washing machine, your small business or your health-minded family could be using 100% fresh, totally chlorine, fluoride and other chemical-free water by this time next week?

You can rest assured that every one of the very Best Plumbers near you has gone through a full and thorough approval process to ensure they offer fast, friendly and high-quality services every time – with a great price?

Get ‘Water Freedom’ in Sunshine Coast with Best Plumbers Club’s help

Once at your place, they’ll fully assess your needs and requirements with the perfectly tailored Sunshine Coast rainwater tank installation, leaving you with the ‘water freedom’ you’ve previously only dreamed of. Are you ready for Best Plumbers Club to connect you with the very best advice, quote or booking for your forthcoming rainwater tank pipe installation? Just enter your details at Best Plumbers Club today and we’ll do the rest!