blocked darins gold coast

Blocked drains can disrupt the movement of water through your home and wreak havoc along the way—so if you notice any signs, including water backing up out of a drain or toilet, or gurgling noises from a drain, you need to call expert local plumbers to resolve the problem.

If the drain blockage is bad enough, water that can’t pass through will eventually have to go somewhere, with wastewater accumulating someplace you don’t want it. This can cause problems ranging from bad odours to structural damage or more.

Blocked drains can be caused by a number of things. A few common causes include:

Improper Disposal Of Fat And Grease

Many homeowners improperly wash fats, oils and grease straight down the kitchen sink every day—things like butter, lard, meat fat, cooking oil and shortening. It’s not only bad for the environment but can lead to a blocked sink drain or clogged pipes anywhere in the system by sticking to the inside of pipes, limiting flow until you have a full-blown blockage.

There is a simple answer: The place to dispose of any significant amount of fat or grease in the garbage pail, not the sink. You might think you’re just washing it away, but the invisible build-up will eventually make itself known, often in disastrous ways.


Root Intrusion

Spreading tree roots can cause a blocked sewage drain, wreaking havoc on your sewage lines and even causing pipes to burst. If this occurs, it likely will result in blockage and eventually a blocked toilet drain—causing a toilet clog or overflow—or a blocked shower drain or other problems.

We’ll clear the offending roots, get the water flowing again properly through the pipes and, if appropriate, cut the roots most likely to find their way back into the pipes in order to prevent future problems.

Other Culprits

If you call a Gold Coast blocked drain specialist for any emergency drain clean, he or she has probably seen it all. People flush all kinds of things they shouldn’t down the toilet, such as nappies. (For that matter, children sometimes flush small toys just to see what happens.) These are frequent causes requiring plumbing services to find and clear the source of the block.

The best blocked drain plumbers may also be required to help with unblocking drains caused by a more common problem: hair build-up in the drain. To deal with even these common causes of blocked drains, it’s often inadvisable to use store-bought drain cleaners that can damage your pipes.

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